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Welcome on the Aureus Yachts’ sailing blog. Our quest, at Aureus Yachts, is to build the ultimate fast sailing yacht for a couple of hedonist. Sailing fast, with great control and sensations while still allowing a lot of modern comfort equipments.

Tough a modern comfort seems like a paradox when seeking performance, we know that the new technologies and equipment allow both comfort and performance on a modern offshore sailing yacht.

carbon sailing yacht Aureus Yachts
Our goal is to offer sensational offshore sailing yachts to modern sailors. A sailboat can be really fast and very equipped !

To build such a sailing yacht, the composite manufacturing is crucial. The aim is to gain, on a 50 foot sailing yacht, between 1,5 and 2 tons.

With carbon/epoxy, used in a vacuum infusion process, this weight can be gained. The diminution of hull and deck weight  allows extra weight to be spent on comfort and lifestyle equipments, such as air conditioning, generator, water maker, etc… The Aureus XV is a fast sailing yacht, very well equipped. Her weight, full options, is under the weight of an unequipped traditional  50 foot sailing yacht. (13,5 to 14t). Also the gravity center is much lower thanks to a light deck (the kilos gained on the deck structure “count for 2” due to the height of the deck (the furthest from the gravity center, the bigger the impact of a gain weight).

Here is a recap of the main weight gains done on the composite structure:

  1. Going for  carbon fiber. Comparing to glass, you can gain 2 kgs per square meter, just with fiber.
  2. Choosing the appropriate process. We chose infusion, as it allow us to control the quantity of resin used. Of course, we could have used pre-preg but the price would have sky rocketed for a little gain.
  3. Going for epoxy resin is the best choice for it has exceptional properties that are necessary to benefit from the properties carbon. Bad resin, such as polyester, on carbon makes a mediocre hull and deck. At the opposite, epoxy remains a great update, even on fiber glass hulls and deck.
  4. After that, the choice of the core material is extremely important. We want rigid foam, absorbing a minimum of resin. For this, we chose at Aureus Yachts to use thermoformed foam. Of course, honeycomb cells are even lighter, but they are much harder to work with and we are not convinced yet of it’s interest outside the yacht racing world.

Once we obtain a fantastic set of hull and deck, both light and really stiff, it’s time to work on a really good interior.

Interior Aureus XV

For that, we used only noble materials, like wood, leather, stainless steel and pre-preg carbon. With our designer Eric Benqué, we designed a modern luxury interior, always looking for optimal weight (using PVC sandwich panels whenever we can).

Finally, we took more than 2 years of research and development, then testing, to integrate on our yacht the essential devices that make a sailing yacht worthy of claiming the “offshore appropriate” status. Those equipments are, for instance:

  • Watermaker
  • Generator
  • Hydrogenerator
  • Electric furlers
  • Electric winches
  • Hydraulic equipment for easier manoeuvres
  • Safety devices
controls on the Aureus XV
Optimal control thanks to electric furlers, electric winches and hydraulic trimmed Mainsail

Deck of the Aureus XV

Most of those offshore cruising equipments can be monitored and serviced in a real technical cabin.

Technical cabon on the Aureus XV
Technical cabin on the Aureus XV

We are very proud of the result, the Aureus XV ! This blog is dedicated to all the offshore sailing enthusiasts. As we did when developing the Aureus XV, we want to keep looking for what’s best in the sailing  world, and share it with you.

You can learn more about our technical choices on .

Have Fun Sailing !



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    1. Dear Lars,

      Thanks for your interest in the Aureus XV. We will exhibit the boat in the Cannes Boat Show (Festival International de la Plaisance) in September 2014.
      If you want, we can prepare two invitations for you and set a meeting in Cannes.

      Thanks and best regards,


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