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Espresso on a sailing yacht. The amazing ES2 Machine


Wouter Strietman is graduate from the Eidhoven Design Academy and he seems to care a lot about Espresso.

ES2 espresso single shot puller by Wouter Strietman
ES2 espresso single shot puller by Wouter Strietman

He’s work is centered on “redefining the craft of Espresso making”…and his last creation, the ES2 espresso machine, sets the tone :

All parts of this machine are custom made, laser cut and CNC milled. Designed from scratch and perfected till the last detail.
The ES2 features two 250 Watt heating elements integrated in the brew group for ultimate thermal conduction and heat build up. The electrics on this machine are very basic, no PID controllers, no circuit boards.


A machine making great coffee, manufactured to last, with low electrical consumption, I think it would make a good input for a yacht.

ES2 Wouter Strietman Espresso machine design

You can visit Wouter’s website to see more Give us your thoughts about this !



Strida SX limited Edition, Stylish and Greaseless


Searching for the best folding bike to fit in the Aureus XV, the Compact Maxi Yacht for hedonists, I went through the Strida’s website and discovered their limited edition of the Strida 5.0, the Strida 5.0 SX Limited.

No more searching, I found the good one. This folding bike looks great in its limited (collector) edition, with :

  • Strida 5.0 SX Limited Folding Bike - Collector Editiona gorgeous leather seat,by Brooks
  • customized handlebars,
  • The amazing Kevlar belt that replaces the greasy chain, which is much better for your trousers,
  • Nice lightweight aluminium frame,
  • Disk brakes,
  • Weights less than 22 pounds,
  • Really compact when folded,
  • The limited edition features larger 18″ Scwhalbe tires for a smoother ride…wow !
  • Easy to move once folded (see the video),
  • Less than 10 seconds to open and fold, without any tool
  • And, above all, you don’t look to goofy while riding it, due to it’s cleaver triangle design by Mark Sanders.

Straida Collector Limited edition - Strida 5.0 SX folding bike

 Strida collector folding bike SX Limited


Great rides are to come is Saint-Lucia, at the arrival of the ARC 2102. Please share with us if you know others amazing folding bikes on the market.