Cruising in the Dodecanese ? Don’t miss Symi !


If you are planning on sailing in the Dodecanese, or the eastern Cyclades, be sure to sail to Symi, as this is probably the most beautiful harbour and city in Greece.


Symi island's harbour in the Dodecanese - Greece
Symi island’s harbour in the Dodecanese – Greece

Symi (sometimes called “Simi”) is a pretty small island, population 2.500, located in the southern Dodecanese, near the Turkish SW coast, between Bodrum and Marmaris. Symi’s harbour is really easy to reach at sail, well protected, and the island gathers all what you could be looking for in this area.

The hill at the entrance of Symi’s harbour

Symi is a typical Dodecanese village, growing on a hill in a fjord, with bright white and pastel houses, perfectly maintained, with neo-classical pediments and rough iron balconies. The unity of the village, though it’s full of different pastel colours, is really amazing, almost unbelievable.

  • The village is free of ugly concrete buildings, that have invaded many parts of the Greek islands.
  • It’s pretty quiet for such a beautiful Island, even if high season.
  • There are amazing Turquoise water creeks and coves all around the island, you can reach them by foot or by bike (hopefully the stylish Strida 5.0 SX limited)

Sailing in Symi, dodecaneseOnce you’re here, feel the Dolce Vita. You can also visit the beautiful ochre and blue Nautical museum, in town or go, by bike, to the Panormitis’ Monastery, at the south corner of the island. This typical monastery is one of the main in the archipelagos.

Symi is really an amazing place to stop over for any sailing cruiser in the Dodecanese Island. It’s kind of a time travelling to the pre “cars, neon and concrete era”. Also a beautiful place to practice photography.



Symi's typical balcony
Symi’s typical balcony


Panormitis Monastery in Symi island, in Greece
Panormitis Monastery in Symi island, Greece

Hope you will enjoy Symi. Thanks,


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