DeLorme AG-008449-201 Two-Way Sat Communicator for Smartphones


The DeLorme AG-008449-201 inReach Two-Way Satellite Communicator for Smartphones is an incredible device for offshore sailors.

This allow you to connect your smartphone, via wifi, to the device to sent text messages, regular tracking positions, and SOS messages.

DeLorme AG-008449-201 inReach Two-Way Satellite Communicator for Smartphones

The beauty of this device is it makes it accessible for most of the sailors to get a constant link with home. It costs only 215€ (178£) to purchase and the monthly fees goes from 25$ to 65$ if you don’t want any annual contract (just a month).

For instance, you can purchase a one month plan for 65$ with unlimited text messages, SOS messages and tracking (your folks can follow you on an internet page that will update your position every 10 minutes.) It has of course a global coverage.

I tested it and must admit it’s a great work, that I strongly recommend to those who can’t offer a full satellite system or don’t want to be trapped with annual communication plans (contract).


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