Handpresso allows sailors to make real espresso

Espresso for every sailors ! Handpresso !


I had a few occasions to see the pleasure that triggers a good espresso delivered to a tired crew member in the middle of his watch. It’s like bringing chocolate eggs to a hungry kid !

Yet most of the yachtswomen and yachtsmen I meet have no way of doing an espresso on their boat. “I don’t have AC current”, or “an Espresso machine consumes too much” or “where would I put the machine, how do I fasten it ? It would be too complicated”.

That’s when I usually become an evangelist for Handpresso. “Guys, don’t you know Handpresso ?”, “It’s fantastic ! all you need is 2 arms, hot water and standard ground coffee or E.S.E  pods, and you have your Espresso”. “No electricity required, no space required”. “See, we could be drinking an espresso right, instead of this !”.

After years of being that evangelist,  I had a discussion last week about coffee on board with a friend, on his terrific Sangria, and he dared to tell me he knew nothing about Handpresso, “I don’t have 220V onboard, we’re on a Sangria, not the Aureus XV, how would I prepare you an espresso”. I know…it sounds like disguised self congratulation for building a yacht equipped in standard version with a Nespresso machine, but to be fair, the Sangria is a fantastic sailing yachts, only 7,62 meters, with a lot of love to give…and, I believe, the most sold sailing boat in the history of yacht building.

Anyway, my own buddy did not know about Handpresso…I had been a poor  evangelist.

That’s it ! Now I feel compelled to say it again, this time on a blog post, shared on Facebook, to any sailing enthusiast that also happens to be an espresso enthusiast (not fake espresso): Handpresso is a must have on Board !

Handpresso Outdoor Complete French Press

The image above shows a set that includes includes 4 unbreakable cups and an Handpresso Thermos Flask. This innovative  has an integrated thermometer so you can always be sure the water is hot enough for your espresso. That way, you fill it with very hot water and can enjoy espresso all morning.

Now, check it out and please never tell me again “I can’t do an espresso”, just because we’re on a sailing yachts.

This makes the handpresso Wild Hybrid Outdoor set the ultimate gift for a sailing or hiking enthusiast !

Here is a 2 minutes video showing you how easy it is  o make a good espresso on board with a Handpresso.

Voilà. Can you smell that espresso ?

Enjoy your espresso, have fun sailing,


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