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Learning to Sail by (others) Mistakes, Yachting Monthly’s Confessions


As I just finished the reading of the book “Yachting Monthly’s Confessions“, by Paul Gelder, I thought it would be good to share with the blog’s reader my strong liking of this reading.

Indeed, the reason it’s interesting to read blogs is to learn from others and share experience on a subject we are passionate about, such as sailing for this blog.

Well, the book “Yachting Monthly’s Confessions – Yachtsmen own up to their sailing sins” is exactly about that.

It is a great collection of yachtswomen and yachtsmen’s usually rather embarrassing misadventures…and just for that, it’s a guilty pleasure to read it, a real treat.

You’ll read about night encounters, bad crew experiences, a wide variety of (often avoidable) failures, maneuvering of course, and generally poor choices facing unexpected events. Isn’t it what learning to sail is about ?

Obviously, it’s funny to read about others humiliating moments, and the guilt is totally manageable since we all had such moments, especially on a sailing yacht. But there is more to this original sailing book. It’s a good way to extend your knowledge about sailing, living onboard, living with crew members, etc.

Who said learning to sail had to be fair ?

The book offers a good alternative to technical guides and I’m sure there are very few sailors that would not enjoy such a reading. It was published originally in 2000 and seeing the positive returns, the editor since reedited it (in 2009) and published a second opus : “Further Confessions“. I have not read this one but will do on my next cruise for sure.

The publishing was made possible by the collection of 25 years of readers testimony in the columns of the magazine Yachting Monthly.

So thank you Yachting Monthly for sharing and publishing, and thanks to those who shared their not so glorious experiences. I really had a good time and will read the following ones.

I hope you’ll enjoy it as well…learning how not to sail proves to be a lot of fun too.

Have fun reading, have fun sailing,


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