Love with a Chance of Drowning – Sailing Book Review


I recently read the audi version, audiobook via audible, of “Love with a chance of drowning”, or the story of a young Australian women, the author Torre DeRoche, who falls in love, in the US, with an Argentinean guy, Ivan, passionate with sailing.

When the latter decides to go for a circumnavigation on his relatively small, and not brand new, sailboat, Torre decides to go with him, despite her fear of water and attachment to comfort (she’s a real city girl).

This book is funny, romantic and instructive for any wannabe circumnavigator. We plunge into there life, during the trip from California to Australia, via Polynesia.  A lot of funny anecdotes, interesting descriptions of stopovers in the Pacific.

It’s also an occasion to confirm that whatever you do on a boat, expect some gear failures !

I recommend “Love with a chance of drowning” for those who love offshore sailing and voyage. I think it’s especially good for women, as a lot of them might recognize themselves in this girl trying so hard to understand and appreciate her (latin) lovers’s passion.

The book is available on Amazon in paper, CD MP3 or downloadable audiobook (11h30 of fun, with a nice female voice). You can download a sample (a few minutes of the book) on this page, but I guaranty you’ll have fun listening to or reading this book.

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