The boat data book - seventh edition

Review of “The Boat Data Book” by Ian & Richard Nicolson



The boat data bookThe seventh edition of the “Boat Data Book” has arrived. This book is really an excellent resource to find technical answers. It’s really useful for those who are willing to plunge into the technical details of their boat.

For instance, you can easily find charts and table to :

  • Match the size of your future winch with the max strength on the mainsheet of your boat.
  • Find the breaking limit of the bolt you are about to fix something with.
  • Find how many liters of antifouling you need to lay 2 full coats on a 50 feet modern sailing yachts (14L acutally), or on a traditional design, etc.
The Boat Data Book review - Technical bible for technical data on any boat
How many litres of Antifouling do I need for this specific hull ? The answer is in “the Boat Data Book”,  © Ian Nicolson & Richard Nicolson


It’s finally in color, in this seventh edition, which makes the book more digest. This book is not a “How to book” for newbies, but rather a bible for fixer uppers to gather technical data they might need some day. Some of those data are horribly difficult to find (if you look for a reliable answer) on the Internet, and the book will make you save some time and worries if you tune your boat on a regular basis. The book gather data about pretty much everything you have on board (composite, metal, electrics, deck hardware, pumps, seacocks, pumps, ropes, engines, mast, rigging, batteries, etc.).

The boat data book - seventh edition
The boat data book – seventh edition © Ian Nicolson & Richard Nicolson

“this is not a How To book for beginners on how to work on a boat. It’s the book that gathers all the technical data (strength, weight, breaking limits, etc..) a person who works regularly on boats on different technical matters will eventually need to choose the proper bolt, convert sizes, calculate resistance, estimate weights, etc…”

It’s a good book, and a huge documentation work, on which one can rely to prepare all kind of technical works or interventions on a boat. Have it near you when you are working on a technical task (replacing a piece of hardware, installing a new windlass, or wiring a new electronic device), and if you have doubts about matching materials, making sure it will resist the strength that will be applied, or simply adapting this to that, go to the index of this bible.

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