Sailing Amalfi

Sailing along the Amalfi Coast


Amalfi, “Li Galli”, Rovello and other wonders

Sailing the Amalfi coast is a moment of pure pleasure…

Since I decided to write about the top sailing destinations in the Mediterranean sea, it was pretty obvious I was going to talk a lot about the Italian West Coast.

Of course, there is the extraordinary Portofino, treasure of the Ligurian sea, that is, at least in my mind, the most beautiful place to sail in the Mediterranean Sea. But there are lots of other Jewels, especially in the Salerno Gulf in the Tyrrhenian sea.

The Amalfi Coast in the Gulf of Solerno
The Amalfi Coast in the Gulf of Solerno
Amalfi Coast-Capri-to-Amalfi-Google-Map
Top sailing spots in the gulf of Salerno. On the left Capri, the Eastern mark is Amalfi

Next to Capri, the Amalfi coast offers magnificent landscapes. Amalfi, Positano, Il Galli, Ravello, i faraglioni stacks are all amazing stopovers, moorings or fairytales’ landscapes. The Amalfi coast is listed as a Unesco World heritage site since 1997.

Amlfi, italy, sailing in Amalfi
Amalfi and the Amalfi Coast, in the gulf of Salerno. One of the top sailing destination in Italy, and Mediterranean

Amalfi is, as one could expect, the most representative village of the Amalfi Coast. A small harbour, a small colourful village surrounded by green mountains and cliffs diving in the gulf and the place has one major attraction: “Rovella“, a village 400m above that hosts 2 of the greatest villas in Italy.¬† “La Villa Cimbrone” and ” La Villa Rufolo” (+39 089 857 62). The latter has gardens with a breathtaking view of the gulf of Salerno.

It is said that Richard Wagner found in those very gardens, back in 1880, the inspiration to create the Klingsor’s garden, a place he was looking for to achieve the Klingsor character in his “Parsifal” Opera. In his garden, Klingsor gathered the most beautiful women of the time, and gave their for mission to destroy every Graal’s knights. Rovello now hosts every year a Wagner festival during the summer, that seems to be quite appreciated.

Ravello, Villa Rufolo Garden, Amalfi Coast
What a better place than “La villa Rufolo” to gather evil beautiful women ? Sailing along the Amalfi Coast

After a visit of the Villa, and if you can leave your boat safely for a night, you can go spend the evening and the night in one of the 11 suites of the “Palazzo Avino” (previously called Palazzo Sasso) that shares, with “La Villa Rufoloalmost the same terrific panoramic view.

Before you leave the Amalfi village, there is a wonderful patisserie to stop by, La “Dolceria dell’Antico Portico“. Listen to this advice, stop there for an Espresso and a nice patisserie, chances are you’ll enjoy this.

Another village you should go sailing by is Positano, 8 NM west from Amalfi, hosting the amazing “Palazzo Avino” hotel (it’s previous name, few years ago, was “Palazzo Sasso“). The village is actually a cliff and you don’t walk horizontally in there; you climb stairs ! This attribute makes Positano a really special place, almost unreal. If you have time, for it, and I advise you to find some, you must see the “Sirenuse” hotel, once again a “panoramic hotel” but this time, a vertical hotel. The hotel climbs on the cliff so that almost all rooms have a view on the bay. “La Sponda“, the hotel’s restaurant, has its star in the Michelin and offer a terrific environment for a dinner with your loved one. Candles, the gulf, great food, Italian¬† guitar players (I’m serious). Go there with no fear ! And if you’re curious about how a state of the art Limoncello (lemon liquor) tastes, well this is the place to find out !

If sailing 8 NM feels like too little, don’t worry, the bay has enough wonders for to sail around for days. This bay in itself is a formidable reason to go sailing to Amalfi.

Villa Giovanni Li Galli - Sailing along the amalfi coast
View from “La Villa Giovanni” on the private Islands “Li Galli”

First of all, there are “Li Galli” (the gallos, or the Sirenusas); three private islets between Positano and Capri : “Gallo Lungo”, “La Castelluccia” and “La Rotonda”. They used to be owned by a legendary Russian ballet dancer, Rudolf Nureyef, and are now rented by their new owners to wealthy tourists. Yes, you can rent “Li Galli Islands. For sure, sailing around those islets is nice, but spending a night at “La Villa Giovanni” must be a really extraordinary moment. (Please feel free to comment this post if you’ve already been there).

The Faraglioni stacks, close to Capri, are another nice attraction to sail by (stacks are geological landforms consisting of a steep and often vertical column or columns of rock in the sea near a coast, isolated by erosion…big rocks emerging from the sea). Not the Ball’s Pyramid in Australia but still pretty nice stacks.

The Faraglioni Stacks - Salerno gulf - Sailing along the Amalfi coast
The Faraglioni Stacks – Thanks to Sneackerdog on Flickr, for the picture !

Capri: Beauty, stairs, charm and stairs again.

Capri, Italy - Gulf of Salerno
Capry: Beauty, stairs, charms…and stairs again

I’m pretty sure you’ll cease the occasion to go to Capri. There is so much to say about Capri that I will dedicate a full post to it later.

This would be the perfect occasion to check the “Grotta Azzura” out of your “top 10 caves I should see in my life” list ? The cave is 50 meter long and water inside is really, really blue, a brilliant hypnotizing blue. Of course, don’t think about going there in the High Season or on a sunny Sunday.

Those places, in the gulf of Salerno are really unique places you should see once in your sailing life.

At Aureus yachts, we are obsessed with hedonistic sensations and we developed the Aureus XV, our Compact Maxi yacht, to offer a yacht for hedonists offering strong sensations to fit with extremely hedonistic destinations such as the Amalfi Coast.

Thanks for reading, Have fun sailing along the Amalfi Coast !


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