Now the Golden age of Sailing !


Sailing, as a leisure, has a great opportunity to enter into brand new era. Today’s better and faster offshore sailing yachts provide a considerably increased safety and the possibility to stay connected to the real world, to your business, your family and friends. Assuming you own a successful business, and with the proper equipment and organization, you don’t have to choose between working and sailing any more, at least for a few months each year.

Aureus XV Absolute - Your new office with a 360° view on the sea
Aureus XV Absolute – Your new office with a 360° view on the sea. ©Aureus Yachts

First, in the late 90s, fantastic new innovations appeared on the leisure boating market, such as vacuum infusion and carbon epoxy laminates. It means lighter, safer and faster sailing yachts. Then in the early 2000s, 3D sails appeared, terrific navigation software (such as Adrena®) were developed and satellite devices became affordable for yacht owners. Sailing boats got even faster, easier to handle and connected.

It means you can get much more sensations out of sailing and you don’t have to go dark any more. You can bring your work, friends and family with you on any trip. This is especially good for the new generation of business owner that are now using cloud computing based solutions to run and develop their business. Can you dream of a better secondary office than a full carbon 50 feet sailing yacht designed to thrill ? A 100 feet full carbon sailing yacht designed to thrill, maybe ? Well, if you can afford it, now is the time to sail and travel, not when you’ll retire.

Nowadays, solutions like the 37signals® “Basecamp®“* allow a business owner to run effectively his business, even if he is away from his office for quite a long time. You keep track of all the news tasks on any projects, share contents, organize meetings with “Campfire®”, or check hourly their sales and prospecting actions on “Highrise®”… and it’s really easy to use for teams. As I’m writing this article, more than 7000 new companies sign up every week for Basecamp®. To me, those are people that take an extra step towards being able to mix travelling or sailing with successfully developing their business and social life (in the meantime, most of us got engaged on Facebook or twitter, Pinterest or Google+).

From your sailing yacht and even while navigating Offshore, you can access all your business data, connect to your team everyday and follow and interact with all aspects of your company’s activity. You can also remain active, for business or personal purpose, on social networks.

So how about an office with a 360° view over the gulf of Kotor ? How inspiring would that be to be able to radically change your working environment for 3 months every year, sailing to the most amazing destinations ?

The gulf of Kotor could be your office for a few weeks
How about setting your office in the Gulf of Kotor for a week ? ©Elena Zarubina

Today, the average boat owner’s age is 49 years old, and closer to 60 years old when it comes to 50 to 65 feet offshore sailing yachts. The time when one could not run a business or keep a social life and enjoy sailing and travelling is over.

Now is the best time to go out sailing.


Could you leave you main office for 3 months ?


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