Enjoy your Night Watches with Audiobooks


If you sail offshore on a regular basis, you know staying awake during the night watches, especially the quiet ones, can get tricky sometimes. I wanted to share with you the solution I found to make those watches easier: Listening to audiobooks !

With Audible, a branch of Amazon, it’s never been easier to find great books to listen to.

There are a lot of books available, for instance, on sailing voyage, which can help you gather experience and tricks, but there are also most of the bestsellers in fiction and non-fiction among the 200.000+ titles that are on the audible audiobooks catalog.

Audible offers a membership plan that will allow you to purchase an audiobook per month for only 7,99£ (or 14,95$ for the US and 9,90€ for the Euro  zone). A typical book is between 8 and 20 hours of listening, so it will give you a good occupation for a few watches in a raw.

Best of all, Audible offers you a free (really free, with no tricks) trial for your first Audiobook !


All you have to do is subscribe to a monthly membership on Audible and the first month, i.e audiobook, will be free (not charged on your payment card). If for some reason you are not happy with the experience, you can at any time cancel your membership with 2 clicks, and you won’t be charged for any additional month.

The whole process to get your membership will only take 5 minutes (less if you are already an Amazon customer). After that, the best way is to download the audible app on your smartphone or tablet (IOS or Android) and you can start listening.

Here is a list of great books about sailing and offshore navigation to start with:

And a recommendation for a really excellent book:

If you have troubles staying awake or simply need something to make the watch time a little more exciting, I really think audiobooks will help you.

Give it a try !

Have fun sailing !


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