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Best Utility Bike Ever, by IDEO & Rock lobster CC


Answering a contest launched by Oregon Manifest, a non-profit that claims  bikes can make the world a better place, Ideo, the famous innovation company partnered with Rock Lobster Custom Cycles (Paul Sadoff) to design and build a bike with an integrated electric hub motor, lithium-ion battery pack, and custom cycle computer for seamless electric pedal assist when desired.

The name of this amazing utility bike is Faraday, and it is already possible to pre-order it on Faraday Bicycles. It features steam-bent wood fenders and a classic leather saddle and all the electronics and electric stuff is integrated and does not affect the design of this stylish bicycle. At the time I’m writing, the price is set to 3.500$ for pre-orders.

Utility Bike by Ideo and Rock Lobster Custom Cycles

The least I can say is that the result is…AWESOME !!! The type of utility bike that makes its owner proud for a long time and makes people want to ride bicycles again.

Ideo bike, Rock Lobster Custom Cycles

Both companies involved are great ! The bike looks incredible, with a timeless style and great material.

Clearly, the bike does not fit in a 50 footer like our Aureus XV, or any sailing yacht under 60′, but I simply couldn’t help but talk about it… If one day we design our own 80′ sailing yacht, then I believe two of those amazing bikes should find a nice place on board.

If you want to learn more, check out the ideo’s website, or www.faradaybikes.com If you want to understand how an innovation company works, you can start with books by Thomas Kelley, from…Ideo. I recommend “The art of innovation“.