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Looking for Gene Purifoy a.k.a Gino Parks !


Dear readers,

Maybe you could help us (the Aureus Yachts’ Team), to achieve one of our goals.

I love sensational sailing and want to share this passion with our followers, friends and all the hedonists in the world. To do that, we will shoot in 2013 a lot of short videos on the Aureus XV Absolute with talented and radical young producers, and we need some sound to fit those videos.

The problem is I’m pretty ambitious and pigheaded, and I want great exciting soundtracks:

I would like to feature the man I consider as the most thrilling Northern Soul singer, Gino Parks (his real name is Gene Purifoy), but I cannot contact him and I can’t find his editor.

Gene Purifoy a.k.a Gino Parks
The great Gino Parks in the early 60’s

Gino Parks recorded a few singles on TAMLA, mostly with Mickey Stevens (or Stevenson) as a song writer. This man is so energetic and wild that he creates a terrific sound, full-throated and definitely thrilling. In the early 1960’s, at the pick of the clean and sometimes boring “doo-wop” era.

Gino Parks started to record a few singles with Andre Williams, and especially “My sophisticated Lady” and “Talkin’ about my baby”, recorded on Golden World Label.

Then Gino Parks made it to TAMLA and recorded amazingly dynamic songs like “Same Thing” listen to it and “That’s no Lie” (signed Mickey Stevens), the well named “Fire” listen to it and “For this I thank you” listen to it (both written by Stevenson).

Gino Parks' singles on Golden Worl, Tamla and Crazy Horse
Gino Parks’ singles on Golden Wordl, Tamla and Crazy Horse ©Aurelien Poncin

For a reason I can’t even begin to understand, and despite being produced by Berry Gordy , Jr (that wrote for Jackie Wilson, and also signed Barret Strong, the Temptations and countless other Northern Soul icons)  and recording for Tamla, Gino Parks did not become a huge Northern Soul star and was kind of dropped by Motown and Tamla Records.

He made at least one more single though, on Crazy Horse Records. The two songs, both written by Eddie Singleton are “Help me Somebody” (fine song) and “Nerves of Steel” (this is what it takes to listen to Gino Parks without going totally excited) listen to it (sorry for the poor quality) , another great song performed by Gino Parks.

From here, I don’t have a single clue on what Gene Purifoy, or Gino Parks became. That’s a shame ! I only could find a picture of him on the website www.harmonytrain.com, taken by Nikki Gustafson & Jim Dunn.

Gino Parks in 2004, a picture by ©Nikki Gustafson & Jim Dunn, on harmonytrain.com
Gino Parks in 2004, a picture by ©Nikki Gustafson & Jim Dunn, on harmonytrain.com

Now I’d like to find him to thank him for the thrills he gives me and to ask him if we could find an agreement to use the songs he performed so “wildly”. I can’t see no better songs to illustrate our spirit, as a brand and as passionate boat builders working on delivering more thrilling experiences to sailors. It’s like we are working to take boat building and leisure sailing out of our own “doo-wop” era.

If you have any idea of how to get to Mr Purifoy, or Mr Stevenson (that wrote his singles on Tamla) or their editor, please help us to reach them. We want to promote this incredible artist and we will make huge efforts for the video to match the thrills of the records.

I realize of course that chances are not high to succeed in this quest but we have to try.

Mr Purifoy, if one day you read this, I would be honoured to meet you, and honoured to have your songs associated with our yachts. I really wish I could talk to you about this project.

Thanks for reading,