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O.V Wright – A Nickel and a Nail


This blog is a lot about hedonism. Our work, at Aureus Yachts is focused on sensations so I feel like we should, for a better comprehension of the spirit that drives us, try to illustrate by music what sensations means to us.

So for this blog’s soundtrack, we recommend, as an Early August soundtrack: “A Nickel and a Nail” by “O.V Wright”, ideally the 1971′s LP, on Black beat records. The vinyl record is definitely the good support to listen to that kind of killer sounds, at least in my mind, and, on top of that, the CD remastering is really disappointing.

O.V Wright, A Nickel and a Nail

By the way, “O.V” stands for Overton Vertis, he was born in 1939 in Leno, Tennessee and died in 1980 in Memphis…Tennessee.

Listen to that sound, you’ll listen to the spirit of Aureus Yachts…kind of… as 30 minutes of “A nickel and a nail” by the amazing “O.V Wright” are 30 minutes well spent for any hedonist looking for sensations and inspiration.

Here is a sample of what you’ll hear:

O.V Wright – A Nickel and a Nail

Please don’t hesitate if you want to recommend us sounds for inspiration and happiness or if you want to comment this post.

Thanks, Aurelien